Celebrate Monday?


This is not the typical way we ring in the new week. If you have a chance check out the hashtag either on Twitter or as a Google Search. American’s traditionally don’t celebrate Monday. Why not? I found an interesting take on this idea on a blog from the Huffington Post. Ed Harrold says,

“Monday is the “beginning” of another cycle of work/life balance; or imbalance. If your life is not moving in the direction you would like, Mondays really probably don’t feel very good. They could be a representation of everything that’s going wrong. If that’s the case, we’re reliving that weekly. And, the energy that it takes to bring us back to neutral is exhausting.”

Interesting perspective. I wonder if people feel this way, do they equally dislike Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Imbalance is not fun. I know. I seek balance each and every day. It is illusive. When I think I am really knocking it out of the park at school, meaning communication is timely, meetings lead to action, and I am able to be in classrooms, there is nagging worry that I am neglecting my family. When I feel fulfilled by my time with family, meaning we spent time creating a memory, talked openly and laughed together, I worry that I did not do enough for my staff and students. Do you see how this can be a vicious cycle? I digress, so what about Mondays?

There was a time that I did not like Mondays.

When I was in school: Mondays meant an end to the freedoms of my weekend; the need to tolerate the mundane tasks of school.

When I… Hmmm… When… No… Only when I was a student in school? Let me qualify that statement. It is true that when I was a student, I did not always like school, but not in its entirety. There were good years, really good years. There were bad years, especially when I had to take classes whose relevance to my life was unclear or I had a teacher who I did not believe cared about me. This topic could easily be its own blog post! Since I have been a working professional, however, I haven’t dreaded Mondays.

When I taught, I looked forward to the excitement of a new week! I loved hearing about my students weekend adventures during Monday’s morning meetings. I was excited for the lessons I had prepared, especially when there were lab activities. I enjoyed eating lunch with my team and hearing about their weekends. As an administrator I look forward to the possibilities each day holds. As each day is unpredictable, it is a wonder to see how it unfolds. I get excited to see staff and students. I enjoy the sharing we do in our advisory group! I look forward to seeing the team progressing towards our goals. It seems to me that I have been blessed! In my office you will find these words “Do what you love, love what you do.” No truer words describe my feelings towards my career choice. Which is why #celebratemonday was not something I thought much about.

What is celebrate Monday?  Here is an excerpt from Team ISTE’s article on 10/10/2016

Nearly four years ago, Sean Gaillard spent a snow day catching up on some reading. Little did he know that an idea that would come to him that day would spark a movement.

Gaillard, a former North Carolina high school principal, an ISTE 2016 presenter, a BAM Radio Network blogger and now an education adviser for Buncee, was reading School Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess and Transform It when a few words in bold print struck him: “What if we celebrated Mondays?”

The authors, Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker, were writing about creating an uplifting school culture for students and teachers. Along the way, they raised a question about what it would look like if instead of anticipating the weekend (TGIF and the like), we flipped it, and instead looked forward to Monday.

After spending some time reflecting on the idea, Gaillard says he had a “genius moment.” He began to wonder how he might make that happen at the school he was working for at the time and how he could lead the movement.

“I was trying to get teachers involved in PLNs (professional learning networks) and using social media, and I thought about creating a hashtag and using it as a way to highlight the best practices of our teachers to uplift them and, by example, encourage kids to be responsible digital citizens,” Gaillard explains.

And with that, #CelebrateMonday was born.

This got me thinking… how can we #celebratemonday? How can we let our students know that we are thrilled to have them back with us after the weekend?

How can we make Monday the best day of the week?



2 thoughts on “Celebrate Monday?

  1. I like to celebrate Mondays by having the students share with the group what they did over the weekend. It is a great way to have students practice speaking to a group, listening, building relationships and starting the week with less stress. Students can also share things they are looking forward to doing during the week. This is a great way to think positive on a Monday:)


  2. Out of the five school days of the week, I actually like Mondays since I typically have more energy to meet the many needs and demands of my students. (Wednesday is another story….. ; )


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